Adapting the feed, the animal and the feeding techniques to improve the efficiency and sustainability of monogastric livestock production systems
Adapting the feed, the animal and the feeding techniques to improve the efficiency and sustainability of monogastric livestock production systems

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17/08/20 Networks of inbreeding coefficients in a selected population of rabbits Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 00:1–10 Rodríguez‐Ramilo S.T., Reverter A., Sánchez J.P., Fernández J., Velasco‐Galilea M., González O., Piles M. PDF icon Rodríguez‐Ramilo et al 2020
01/06/20 Birth weight affects body protein retention but not nitrogen efficiency in the later life of pigs Journal of Animal Science, 98 (6): skaa180 van der Peet-Schwering C.M.C., Verschuren L. M. G., Hedemann M. S., Binnendijk G. P., Jansman A. J. M. PDF icon van der peet-schwering et al 2020
16/03/20 How do pigs deal with dietary phosphorus deficiency? British Journal of Nutrition, Misiura M.M., Filipe J.A.N., Walk C.L., Kyriazakis I. PDF icon Misiura et al 2020
12/02/20 Interest in the serum color as an indirect criterion of selection of digestive efficiency in chickens Poultry Science, 99 (2): 702-707 Mignon-Grasteau S., Beauclercq S., Urvoix S., Le Bihan-Duval E. PDF icon Mignon-Grasteau et al 2020
30/12/19 Chicken adaptive response to low energy diet: main role of the hypothalamic lipid metabolism revealed by a phenotypic and multi-tissue transcriptomic approach BMC Genomics, 20, 1033 Jehl F., Désert C., Klopp C., Brenet M., Rau A., Leroux S., Boutin M., Lagoutte L., Muret K., Blum Y., Esquerré D., Gourichon D., Burlot T., Collin A., Pitel F., Benani A., Zerjal T., Lagarrigue S. PDF icon Jehl et al 2019
28/11/19 Longitudinal analysis of the microbiota composition and enterotypes of pigs from post-weaning to finishing Microorganisms, 7 (12): 622 Le Sciellour M., Renaudeau D., Zemb O. PDF icon Le Sciellour et al. 2019
25/11/19 Genetic parameters of sow feed efficiency during lactation and its underlying traits in a Duroc population Animal, 25 November 2019 Piles M., Marti J., Reixach J., Sánchez J.P. PDF icon Piles et al., 2019
14/11/19 A method to estimate the environmental impacts from genetic change in pig production systems Int. J. Life Cycle Assess., 14 November 2019 Ottosen M., Mackenzie S., Wallace M., Kyriazakis I. PDF icon Ottosen at al 2019
06/11/19 Are consumers’ egg preferences influenced by animal-welfare conditions and environmental impacts? Sustainability, 11 (22): 6218 Rahmani D., Kallas Z., Pappa M., Gil J.M. PDF icon Rahmani et al 2019
14/10/19 Exploration of individual variability to better predict the nutrient requirements of gestating sows Journal of Animal Science, 97 (12): 4934–4945 Gaillard C., Gauthier R., Cloutier L., Dourmad J.Y. PDF icon Gaillard et al 2019
01/10/19 Indirect genetic effects on the relationships between production and feeding behaviour traits in growing Duroc pigs Animal, published online 1 October 2019, 10 p. Herrera-Cáceres W., Ragab M., Sánchez J. P. PDF icon Herrera et al 2019
20/09/19 Bayesian, likelihood-free modelling of phenotypic plasticity and variability in individuals and populations Frontiers in Genetics, 20 September 2019 Filipe J.A.N., Kyriazakis I. PDF icon Filipe and Kyriazakis 2019
13/09/19 Methanogenesis in animals with foregut and hindgut fermentation: a review Animal Production Science, Published online 13 September 2019 de la Fuente G., Yañez-Ruiz D.R., Seradj A.R., Balcells J., Belanche A. PDF icon de la Fuente et al 2019
23/08/19 A procedure to quantify the feed intake response of growing pigs to perturbations Animal, published on 23 August 2019, 8 p. Nguyen-Ba H., Van Milgen J., Taghipoor M. PDF icon Nguyen-Ba et al 2019
17/08/19 Investigation of muscle transcriptomes using gradient boosting learning machine identifies molecular predictors of feed efficiency in growing pigs BMC Genomics, 20: 659 Messad F., Louveau I., Koffi B., Gilbert H., Gondret F. PDF icon Messad et al., 2019
05/08/19 Automated individual pig localisation, tracking and behaviour metric extraction using deep learning IEEE Access, 5 August 2019 Cowton J., Kyriazakis I., Bacardit J. PDF icon Cowton et al 2018
02/07/19 Effect of chronic and acute heat challenges on fecal microbiota composition, production, and thermoregulation traits in growing pigs Journal of Animal Science, 97 (9): 3845–3858 Le Sciellour M., Zemb O., Hochu I., Riquet J., Gilbert H., Giorgi M., Billon Y., Gourdine J.-L., Renaudeau D. PDF icon Le Sciellour et al. 2019
13/06/19 Effect of feed restriction on the environmental variability of birth weight in divergently selected lines of mice Genetics Selection Evolution, 51: 27 Formoso-Raferty N., Cervantes I., Sánchez J.P., Gutiérrez J.P., Bodin L. PDF icon Formoso-Rafferty et al., 2019
03/06/19 Intégrer les changements d’échelle pour améliorer l’efficience des animaux et réduire les rejets INRA Productions animales, 305-322 Faverdin P., van Milgen J. PDF icon Faverdin et van Milgen 2019
23/05/19 Dissecting total genetic variance into additive and dominance components of purebred and crossbred pig traits Journal of Animal Science, 23 May 2019 Tusell L., Gilbert H., Vitezica Z.G., Mercat M.J., Legarra A., Larzul C. PDF icon Tusell et al., 2019
21/05/19 Dynamic modeling of nutrient use and individual requirements of lactating sows Journal of Animal Science, 97 (7): 2822–2836 Gauthier R., Largouët C., Gaillard C., Cloutier L., Guay F., Dourmad J.Y. PDF icon Gauthier et al 2019
24/04/19 Use of group records of feed intake to select for feed efficiency in rabbit Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 136 (6): 474-483 Piles M., Sánchez J.P. PDF icon Piles et al., 2019 (preprint)
01/04/19 Combining alternative processing methods for European soybeans to be used in broiler diets Journal of Animal Feed Science and Technology, 253: 45-55 Sakkas P., Royer E., Smith S., Oikeh I., Kyriazakis I. PDF icon Sakkas et al 2019
28/01/19 Estimating direct genetic and maternal effects affecting rabbit growth and feed efficiency with a factorial design Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 2019, 00:1-6 Garreau H., Ruesche J., Gilbert H., Balmisse E., Benitez F., Richard F., David I., Drouilhet L., Zemb O. PDF icon Garreau et al., 2019
15/12/18 A growth model to predict body weight and body composition of broilers Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, 75: 17-24 Dukhta G., van Milgen J., Kövér G., Halas V. PDF icon Dukhta et al., 2018
03/12/18 An acute challenge with a deoxynivalenol-contaminated diet has short- and longterm effects on performance and feeding behavior in finishing pigs Journal of Animal Science, 96 (12): 5209-5221 Serviento A.M., Brossard L., Renaudeau D. PDF icon Serviento et al., 2018
15/11/18 Genomic prediction for crossbred performance using metafounders Journal of Animal Science van Grevenhof E.M., Vandenplas J., Calus M.P.L. PDF icon van Grevenhof et al., 2018
01/11/18 The impact of reducing dietary crude protein and increasing total dietary fiber on hindgut fermentation, the methanogen community and gas emission in growing pigs Animal Feed Science and Technology, 245: 54-66 Seradj A. R., Balcells J., Morazan H., Alvarez-Rodriguez J., Babot D., De la Fuente G. PDF icon Seradj et al., 2018
24/10/18 Effect of dietary fiber content on nutrient digestibility and fecal microbiota composition in growing-finishing pigs PLOS One, 13 (10): e0206159 Le Sciellour M., Labussière E., Zemb O., Renaudeau D. PDF icon Le Sciellour et al., 2018
16/10/18 Does lipidomic serum analysis help in the assessment of digestive efficiency in chickens? Poultry Science, 16 October 2018 Beauclercq S., Lefèvre A., Nadal-Desbarats L., Germain K., Praud C., Emond P., Le Bihan-Duval E., Mignon-Grasteau S. PDF icon Beauclercq et al., 2018
13/09/18 Rabbit microbiota changes throughout the intestinal tract Frontiers in Microbiology, 13 September 2018 Velasco-Galilea M., Piles M., Viñas M., Rafel O., González-Rodríguez O., Guivernau M., Sánchez, J.P. PDF icon Velasco et al., 2018
20/06/18 Can novel ingredients replace soybeans and reduce the environmental burdens of European livestock systems in the future? Journal of Cleaner Production, 187: 338-347 Tallentire C.W., Mackenzie S.G., Kyriazakis, I. PDF icon Tallentire et al., 2018
19/06/18 Indirect genetic effect model using feeding behaviour traits to define the degree of interaction between mates: an implementation in pigs growth rate Animal, 12 (7): 1-9 Ragab M., Piles M., Quintanilla R., Sánchez J.P. PDF icon Ragab et al., 2018
10/05/18 Longitudinal analysis of direct and indirect effects on the average daily gain in growing rabbits using a structured antedependence model Genetics Selection Evolution, 50: 25 David I., Sánchez J.P., Piles M. PDF icon David et al., 2018
27/04/18 Relationships between digestive efficiency and metabolomic profiles of serum and intestinal contents in chickens Scientific Reports, 8: Article number: 6678 Beauclercq S., Nadal-Desbarats L., Hennequet-Antier C., Gabriel I., Tesseraud S., Calenge F., Le Bihan-Duval E., Mignon-Grasteau S. PDF icon Beauclercq et al., 2018
13/04/18 Fecal microbial composition associated with variation in feed efficiency in pigs depends on diet and sex Journal of Animal Science, 96 (4): 1405–1418 Verschuren L.M.G., Calus M.P.L., Jansman A.J.M., Bergsma R., Knol E.F., Gilbert H., Zemb O. PDF icon Verschuren et al., 2018
01/12/17 Genetic parameters and expected responses to selection for components of feed efficiency in a Duroc pig line Genetics Selection Evolution, 2017, 49:86 Sánchez J.P., Ragab M., Quintanilla R., Rothschild M.F.; Piles M. PDF icon Sanchez et al., 2017
05/10/17 Genetic structured antedependence and random regression models applied to the longitudinal feed conversion ratio in growing Large White pigs Journal of Animal Science, 2017, 95 (11) : 4752-4763. Huynh-Tran V.H., Gilbert H., David I. PDF icon Huynh-Tran et al., 2017
03/08/17 The purebred-crossbred correlation in pigs: a review of theory, estimates and implications Journal of Animal Science, 95 (8): 3467-3478 Wientjes Y.C.J., Calus M.P.L. PDF icon Wientjes & Calus, 2017
20/07/17 Interaction of direct and social genetic effects with feeding regime in growing rabbits Genetics Selection Evolution, 49:58 Piles M., David I., Ramon J., Canario L., Rafel O., Pascual M., Ragab M., Sánchez J.P. PDF icon Piles et al., 2017